Mrs. Soma’s May News letter




Dear parents,

We have entered the last month of this academic year, which like every year has taught me more than the last year and rewarded me with unconditional love from the children. We have again worked together and have made small wonders and big miracles in our children's life.  I feel myself to be the lucky chosen one to spend my time with your child and make some cherished memeories. I have watched your children learn and grow and change from day to day. I hope all the things we have done have helped in some small way. Many of my children will leave our nest  to move on to 1st grade or kindergarten….to them i send out the door, with great expectations and love and always know you're in my heart forever. The ones who stays, we will make another fun memeorable year filled with joy and challenge and we will make sure that the challenge is fun……We will again tour some planet or take a trip to some African country and learn all about it.

May will be a busy month…

1. May 5th(Monday)—–Field Day at 10:00 am

2. May 12th(Monday)—-Mother's Day breakfast from 9:00 am. You will be served a yummy and healthy breakfast by your child.

3. May 20th(Tuesday)—-Acknowledgement to Kindergarteners for Graduating in the morning.

4. May 20th(Tuesday)——-Graduating Ceromony at 5:30 pm.

5. May 23rd(Friday)——End of the year party

6. May 27th, 28th and 29th —–fun days

7. May 29th—-Last day of school

Details of the activities will be posted later.

Thank you again for choosing Montessori and believing in me with your most precious possesion.

Have a happy and safe summer…STAY COOLcool!!

Keep your feet on the floor…

but let your love for learning soar.

Soma Mandal

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Mrs. Soma’s April newsletter 2014

        If you listen for the song birds

As they greet the summer sun,

And love the way the wind can make

The trees sings just for the sun;


If you honor every living thing

As a part of nature's treasure

You're in tune with Mother Nature

So let's all sing her song together

Dear Parents,

Has to love the EARTH DAY, I believe it is very important to remind ourself we can stay healthy as long as this planet is healthy.

A very busy month… lets start it now

1. Movie night—- April 11th@ 6:30pm

2.Easter egg hunt—–April 17th(Thursday) you can donate some plastic eggs to the class.

3. April 18th(Friday) —-School closed

4. Earth day—-April 22nd. This whole week we will celebrate our planet…send your child wearing blue/green. Send your child to school with a fact about Earth or a show and tell from the nature. Let us as adults limit our use of plastics(i.e. ziplock bags). Lunch in a brown bag on April 22nd will be a good idea.

5.Yoga with MOM or DAD—@10:00am

6. Art show—–April 26th(Saturday) from 9:00am to 11:00am. The children and the teachers are all working hard to put a grand SHOW. You can bring your friends and families and a snack or a drink to share.

Let us celebrate the beautiful spring of Arizona before we start hibernating from the heat ….blush

Thank you,

Soma Mandal

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Mrs. Soma’s March newsletter


You can find magic where ever you look. Sit back and relax,all you need is a book.  —-Dr. Seuss


Dear parents,

We will start the month with Green eggs and Ham, celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. Tomorrow we will make green eggs(omelet with spinach and turkey ham) and ham for snack in the school. You can send your child with a Dr. Seuss's book to school and can also dress them in any Dr. Seuss character.

We are learning about India, the children are very fascinated with all the animals and colorful culture. I have some Indian outfit for girls and boys which every child is lined up to try on, listening to different Indian classical music, smelling Indian spices, making sandal wood paste in practical life, knowing the names of neighboring countries of India, main rivers of India and talking a lot about Himalayas….we are virtually in Indiasmiley.

Dates to remember in March

1. March 6th(Thursday) is our picture day (individual and class pictures are taken)

2. Parent teacher conference— From March 7th to March 14th . I will put the sign up sheet tomorrow on the white board outside our room. If you need to have a conference please put your child's name in your choice of time and date.

3.March 17th— celebrating St. Patrick day. Send your child wearing green.

4. March 18th—celebrating HOLI, the festival of color. Holi is a spring festival which celebrates love and friendship and also the triumph of good over bad. Please send your child wearing white , the children will be playing /putting color(not stainable and organic) on each other with music playing. My friend Ipsita Pai will join in with us with her beautiful INDIAN DANCE. The celebration will start at 10:00am. Please join us and have a colorful day. We will end the day with some sweets from India.

5. Spring break—- March 24th to March 28th.

Ms. Cecillia Sullivan has joined our class and works in the back patio with the children.

As the weather is changing please remember to change your child's extra cloth according to the season.

Joy is the evidence of inner growth.    —–Dr. Maria Montessori


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Mrs. Soma’s February Newsletter 2014


The students are working as if the teacher did not exist….Dr. Maria Montessori

Dear parents,

Welcoming the year of the horse with a dragon dance and smiley faces was a celebration in itself. Thank you Coco Li for organizing another year of absolute fun..193

The children are going through quite an adventure learning about the planets, the Sun, asteroids and about Space. We are currently learning about the Moon and its phases. Please try to take your child out of the house after dark to see the Moon, this will help us make the lunar calendar during circle time. We will also learn about constellations.

Our next unit will be India. We will have a very fun and colorful time. Promise.smiley

Events in February

1. February 6th(Thursday)…at 5:30pm. Talk about Nutrition with a specalist Ms. Mindy. Child care will be provided, $5 per child. PLease let me know by Feb. 4th if you need child care. Limited seat .

2.February 8th(Saturday)…9:30- 11:30am Open house

3.February 11th….Chess night with Mr. Roy at Barro's pizza from 5:30 to 6:30am

4.February 14th(Friday)…. heartValentine's day celebration. Please send 1 valentine for each of your child's classmate for our exchange(30 children). Please do not write individual names on the envelops, however your child can write his/her name on the valentine if possible.

5.February 17th and 18th no school.

6. February 27th(Thursday)…. celebrating Ms.Soma's 10year at CCM and her USA citizenship. 

Thanking to all the parents for their support and encourgement,

Soma Mandal



Mrs. Soma’s January Newsletter




 The giving of love is an education in itself.

                                                                 —–Eleanor Roosevelt


Dear parents,

 Happy New Year to you all…. may this year brings joy, love, laughter and happiness in your life.

I want to take my time and thank all of you for supporting me in our walk together towards our goal of making the journey of each child a positive and successful one.


We are going to start our 2014 learning about PLANETS, you can send books or materials on the topic. We will be learning about all the planets and also discover the beauty of our planet.


This will be a good time to check your child's extra clothes in their cubby and change them into more winter  appropriate.


We are welcoming 3 more children to our class room tomorrow, please help me to make our new parents more comfortable. Ms. Courtney is also coming in board as my second assistant.


The month of January will be busy with…..


1. Father's night…on January 15th(Wednesday) from 5:30 to 6:30pm

 This special day your child will be guiding you in the room and showing you all the special work he has been learning and perfecting. Grandpa's are welcome too.


2.Chess night at Barro's pizza….on January 22nd(Wednesday) from 5:30 to 6:30pm

Only for kindergartners.


3.Kindergarten night…on January 23rd(Thursday) from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

A must come for the 2014-2015 kindergarten parents, this will be a very informative evening where the importance of Montessori kindergarten will be discussed and how you can send your child almost free for the kindergarten year.


I am excited to see all my children tomorrow as I have some special show and tell for them and truly I am craving for some warm hugs.


Thank you,

Soma Mandal






Mrs. Soma’s December Newsletter

                                 "Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me

                                 as it does for all who truly believe."


                                                        Lines from Polar Express





Dear parents,


   We had a wonderful thanksgiving lunch in our class….this year it was very special as the children along with the teachers and parent volunteers cooked the lunch in the school and also made the table cloth, placemat, little mayflower boats and the turkey. It was a very successful event. All cheers to my children and thanks to all the parents for coming and helping us in the class.


Some important event for the month of December…


1. Dec. 12th(Thursday) at 5:30 pm…..Cookie exchange.


2. Dec. 18th(Wednesday) at 9:30 am….Winter-Music program with Mr. Jason. Bring your cameras and enjoy.


3. From now to Dec. 20th ….please bring a  new toy to put in the big empty box outside our class, near the water fountain


In our class we will again exchange our toy with our friends in the class. For this event please send one or more than one toy with your child( which he/she doesn't play with any more). It is very important for every child to bring a gift in the class for the exchange. We will do the old toy(good condition) exchange on December 17th (Tuesday).


The school will be closed from December 23rd to January 5th.  We will be back to school on January 6th, 2014.



Thank you,

Soma Mandal

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Mrs. Soma’s November Newsletter

                         The year has turned its circle,

                         The season come and go.

                         The harvest is all gathered in

                         And chilly north wind blow.

                         Orchards have shared their treasures,

                                                       The fields, their yellow grain .

                                                       To open the doorway-

                                                       Thanksgiving comes again!


Dear parents,

The beautiful fall weather has bought us more things to observe and enjoy outside. Our pretty little garden is growing and the children are taking their turns to water the plants, we have replanted our tiny vegetable plants from their nursery to the big planter. Every step of gardening has been a very sensorial experience for all of us.


 We have started reading our first chapter book of this year, children are enjoying the  CHARLOTTE'S WEB and always look forward to the next reading. The book is read only to the afternoon class.


Our next big event is Thanksgiving lunch at school, we will have the lunch on November 26th(Tuesday) at 11:00am in our classroom. Please do not send any lunch with your child to school that day. This year we will prepare the Thanksgiving meal in the school with the children to give every child the accomplishment of taking part in the preparation of the meal. I would need 2 parents for each day to volunteer for the cooking of the meal on November 20th(Wednesday),21st(Thursday) and 23rd(Friday) from 9:30am to 11:00am. Please let me know which day will you be able to volunteer in the room. I will also put the list of things we need from the parents for the meal, the list will be on the white board outside our room. Please write your child's name for the item you choose to bring .Please bring your items by November 19th(Tuesday) .


On the day of the Thanksgiving lunch(Nov. 26th)Tuesday), we need some additional parents (4 to 5) to help us make the day a great success.


Thank you for all your support in every event of the school and making it a great and memorable year.

Soma Mandal


Mrs. Soma’s October Newsletter

Golden and red trees

Nod to the soft breeze,

As it whispers, "Winter is near;"

And the brown nuts fall

At the wind's loud call,

For this is the Fall of the year.

        By Ellen Robena Field


Dear parents,

Yes, the Fall is her……..we have tasted varieties of APPLES in the class, drank apple cider, made apple chips and enjoyed the sour and sweet chips, tomorrow we will cook apple sauce in the class. We have learned the parts of the Apple and enjoyed our arts and craft with apple.


I am so happy to say that all the children are enjoying their work and made new friends. There is a pride I see in each of my children towards their environment which has made the class very peaceful and alive.


We will be learning all about Halloween animals….. bats, owls, spiders and talk about Pumpkins. Show and Tell will be really interesting if you send books or interesting materials of the above topic.


Some important dates for the month of October

1. October 9th : Cave Creek Montessori is hosting the October Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting @ 5:30pm. Please see the administrative newsletter for more details.


2. October 14th : Parent/Teacher Conferences starts. I will put up the sign in sheet on the white board outside our room tomorrow morning.


3. October 22nd : Story Book Reading for Kindergartners @9:30am. Marilyn Weeks, the author of the book The Lion And The Rose will be reading her book to them.


4. October 31st : Halloween Parade. Children come to school dressed in their Halloween costumes. We will have the parade at 9:30am .


Thank you for all your support and making this year a very successful and fun.


Soma Mandal





Mrs. Soma’s September Newsletter

Dear parents,


The month of September has 2 very important events.

1. September 10th (Tuesday) is the Parent orientation night…where usually the parents come to learn about the Montessori curriculum, this year I want to do something different. I would love the parents to come and be my student, so I would give you the lesson of whatever Montessori work you choose from the class. This way you get the real Montessori way of learning about the work, you can also witness and learn about the other works when some other parent is in the student seat. The school will provide the childcare($3 per child). Please let me know by September 6th (Friday) if you need childcare. Let us make The orientation night a fun and interactive event. The evening will start at 5:30pm and end at 6:30pm.


2. September 19th(Thursday) is the Peace day celebration and pot luck party in the evening. As the International Peace day (September 21st) falls on a Saturday, we are celebrating it on Thursday. The Peace day celebration will start at 9:30am in our school. I will give more information about the potluck next week.

Please send a while t-shirt for your child by September 11th(Wednesday).


Thank you for the over whelming support and help,

Soma Mandal

Mrs. Soma’s Newsletter

Childhood shows a man as morning shows the day”

Dear parents,

The success of the 1st week of back to school makes my heart fill with joy and happiness. Every year I start with tons of new ideas and adventures in my mind that I hope to bring to my children but at the end of the year I always go home with my heart full of hugs, smiles, lovely compliments and I love you Ms. Soma. I thank you all for giving me the chance to work with your children, it has truly been a blessing.


Children are free to talk to each other, discuss their work, help each other ,listen to each other, free to choose his work, the child is encouraged to work as long as possible on an activity to illicit interest, encourage repetition and develop concentration. “For a child who concentrates is immensely happy”. Purposeful controlled movement strengthens the will, so the child must move to learn. The goal is for “a happy self disciplined child”.


There are some new thing I would like to start in our class…
shool 1st wek 042


1. I need two classroom moms. They will help me during the big show(peace day, art show etc), help me do some last minute shopping from the grocery store and some other small stuff.


2. Directory. Wendy Selman has already offered herself to take this job. Thank you Wendy.


3. Reading mom. I would like a mom to help me once a week as to come in the class and listen to each child read.


4. Butterfly garden. I would love to start a butterfly garden in our class…need information and know -how to do it. If anyone has an empty aquarium and would love to donate to the class, then we can start planting the garden in it.



The class will be open for observation from September..I encourage all parents to come and sit for an hour as to witness the miracle of their child’s strength and unique qualities.


Show and tell is everyday…we do not wait to share our precious thing. Please make it sure not to bring any toy, Disney/cartoon or the TV related material. Books and

anything from nature are always welcome.


Please make sure to visit our cave creek Montessori face book page.


I am here to nurture every child Socially, Emotionally, Physically and Intellectually. I am happy to be back in my garden!!


Thank you,

Soma Mandal

What Parents Say

5 star! My wife and couldn’t be happier with Cave Creek Montessori. Our little girl absolutely loves Mrs. Uma!

— Joseph Poliseo

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