Ms. Samantha’s October Newsletter

Hi Parents,

Thank you all so much for your coopperation and participation during our Peace Day Celebration and the pot luck! They were such a good time. 🙂 This month, we will be exploring the Fall seaon and Halloween, using all of our senses. The children are also working on their sounds, not letters, but phonetic sounds. Currently, we have introduced "s, m, a & soon t". 










>Mandarin Monday – numbers 1-10 and the colors of the rainbow. I suggest finding an app or website that you are able to hear the pronunciation of theses words, if anybody has one please feel free to share with the class 🙂 

>Music Friday – Doe – Ray – Me and are exploring different musical genres.

>Yoga Wednesday – begins this month with Ms. Shelley!! 

Now, communication and literacy are vital tools for children to express themselves and learn about the world. Through others, a child begins to understand language, speak, and eventually read and write. Children can never be overexposed to language. Reading to a child and having conversations with them will help develop these necessary skills even in the infant and toddler stages. Their covabulary will expand and they will be able to better express themselves. The Montessori enviornment allows pleanty of opportunities for children to communicate and express themselves. Exposure to language continues during the seccondary and elementary years as children begin writing and broaden their vocabulary. Cultivate your child's literacy and communication skills by reading to them and get them talking by asking questions similar to the ones listed below:

  • Will you tell me about your drawing?
  • Can you guess what will happen next?
  • What do you think?
  • What happened?

Special Points of Interest:

  • Wed 10/9 – Chamber of Commerce Meeting @ 5:30 @ CCM, see Roy's News for more information!
  • 10/14-18 – P/T Confrences, the toddler class does not have these. As I see it, they are all on track developmentally, if I notice anything different or you have any concern we can talk at anytime.
  • Thurs 10/31 – Halloween Parade!! Please bring child in costume, parade will commense on field at 9:30am. We will change them into normal clothing afterwards. 
  • 10/7 – Happy 3rd Birthday Andi!! 🙂

🙂 Ms. Samantha

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Fantastic school ! If you want to get your kids way ahead , this is where you need to go!

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