Ms. Samantha’s September News

Dear parents,

     Our first month of school went by so quickly, with many smiles and a few tears. Most of the children have transitioned well into the classroom environment, friendships stronger and new ones forming everyday. This September the children have begun music on Fridays with Mr. Jason, are continuing dance with Ms. Ipsita, yoga & sport details TBA. We are so happy to have recently welcomed Jax and John to our class 🙂 And wish a Happy Birthday to Nyle & Kayla! Thank you all for continuous feedback and open communication.

     This month we will be working on the Montessori ground rules for our classroom: How to walk slowly in the class, carrying and rolling rugs, how we talk nicely and use inside voices, using our "big kid voice" (older friends), handling materials respectfully etc. 

     We will also explore the Fall season. We will do a lot of arts and crafts around this theme. Some children will be working on their phonic sounds and numbers. All will be practicing their language as well as continuing working with a variety of Montessori materials helping them in improving their cognitive, fine and large motor skills.

     Communication and literacy are vital tools for children to express themselves and learn about the world. Through others, a child begins to understand language, speak, and eventually read and write. Children can never be overexposed to language. Reading to a child and having conversations with them will help develop these necessary skills even in the infant and toddler stages. Their vocabulary will expand and they will be able to better express themselves. The Montessori environment allows plenty of opportunities for children to communicate and express themselves. Exposure to language continues during the elementary and secondary years as children begin writing and broaden their vocabulary. Cultivate your child’s literacy and communication skills by reading to them and get them talking by asking questions similar to the ones listed below.

  • Will you tell me about your drawing?
  • Can you guess what will happen next?
  • What do you think?
  • What happened?


  • Check folders & cubbies
  • Always sing-in & sign-out!!

Important Dates: 

9/26 (6-9p.m.) Ms. Ana's Date Night! Take some time to yourselves. Details on magnet board outside of classroom.

9/19 United Nations Intl. Day of Peace (10AM) & Potluck Night (6PM)

9/29-30 – Fall Break (no school)

If you have any questions please feel free to text, leave a message or email anytime.

🙂 Ms. Samantha

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the enviornment. (M.Montessori)

It is not important to be able to taste the cake, but to be able to prepare it, to offer it, to organize a party, that is what a child needs. A laid table is not important, but to lay the table, to do it all himself. The very young child needs to move, especially at home…. The adult must teach the child how to do it himself, he must give him the means. The basis of the new life of the child is to understand that the child needs a more serious life, a real activity, a social life, where he can act himself. He needs help up to the point that he can do it himself. (Montessori, 1939)


What Parents Say

Fantastic school ! If you want to get your kids way ahead , this is where you need to go!

— Submitted by a parent

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