Soma’s October Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for for coming to the Peace Day Potluck, we enjoyed having you. October brings cooler weather and Halloween fun. We will be spending extra time outside, enjoying the cooler weather. We will be talking about the leaves changing color, pumpkins, trick or treating and costumes. We will also be reading books and doing art related to fall. We will have a Halloween parade on 30th at 9:00 am. Please send your kids in their costumes. Toddlers will not have parent teacher conferences. If you would like to help with the fall festival, the sign up sheet is in the classroom. Happy Fall!!
Important Dates:
  • School Closed for fall break – October 19th and 20th
  • Pita jungle Day – October 28th
  • Fall Festival and Halloween Parade – October 30th9 am to 11 am
  • Please don’t forget to sign in and out your child everyday.
Thank you,
Mrs. Uma

Mrs. Soma’s March 2015 Newsletter







Dear parents,


I can’t believe that we are approaching the end of this academic year….looking back it seems all the children have grown together so harmoniously and have taken care of each other as they have made friends. Some of my children will graduate from kindergarten and move to 1st grade, coming to know them has been such an awesome journey for me. LOVE MONTESSORI!!


We have started our new unit…The United States of America. The children are enjoying learning some interesting facts about our country: the names of rivers, lakes, mountains, and the nicknames of each state. Interesting facts, books, and items about the US are welcome for show and tell.


As the warmer weather is approaching, please send sun screen with your child to school.


Important Reminders…..


1. Parent- teacher conference from March 9th(Monday) to March 20th(Friday). please be in time.


2. Spring break—March 23rd to March 27th( school closed)


3. Pick up time for is 12:30 and 3:30 according to your scheduled time. Please make sure to be present in time to pick up your child.


4. Make sure to sign in and sign out your child every day.


5. Please make sure your child is not climbing the gates while coming in and out of the school. 


Thank you for all the warm wishes for my B’day….it  was absolutely wonderful with hugs and hand made cards and drawings which only a teacher can understand. Turning 42 and surrounded by beautiful happy faces and getting hugs every minute…life is good!!


Soma Mandal


Mrs. Soma’s February 2015 Newsletter

 Love is the beauty of the soul






Dear parents,


We will have a very busy month with lots of activities and events. The class is filled with the sound of children working and helping their piers . It is a beautiful sight where every moment is so precious. 


We are learning, reading and experimenting with Human body…. Binay’s father who is a dentist was kind enough to visit our room and talk to the children about TEETH, thank you so much to Jupneesh Singh for his time and talk.


Some important dates for February..


1. February 12th at 9:30am. Chinese new year celebration. Please send your child wearing something red. The parents are welcome to attend the event, it will be approximate 30 mints


2. Valentine  Day celebration- Please send 31 valentine day cards for 31 children on February 13th to exchange with their friends. 


3.  No school on February 16th and 17th.


4. Pita jungle day. on February 25th. Please send the money ($4.50) by Feb. 18th.



Thank you,

Soma Mandal

Mrs. Soma’s January 2015 Newsletter

Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time

                     – Rabindranath Tagore




Dear Parents,


Welcome to 2015 !


The children have got back into the class room routine after returning back from the winter holidays and are very happy to get their friends back. We visited  our horses and goats and took a long nature walk on our first day of school.


We are going to learn about HUMAN BODY….and the 5 senses. Any book or material on this topic are welcome to the class, show and tell on this topic will be a good addition.


Please check your child’s extra pair of clothes as most of the children do not have all the items. 


January 29th(Thursday), is Father’s night from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. This is a evening when your child comes with father or/and grandfather and leads the way to the class. The child will show you the work or give lessons to you . A beautiful evening where you come to your child’s world and learn from him/her.


Thank you,

Soma Mandal

Mrs. Soma’s December 2014 Newsletter

He raised his hand and Nutcracker was transformed into a handsome prince….

Welcome to my kingdom,” said the Prince.

But where are we? asked Marie

“You are in the land of sweets,” said the Sugar plum fairy


Dear parents,


     We are now in the magical month of December where we wait for the first snow to touch our cheek or may be for us(Arizonian)the first soft chill breeze to wake us up in the morning. The story of the Nut Cracker, the ride on the Polar express , celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas and bidding goodbye to 2014 and welcoming a grand new year 2015……so much to do and so little time.


We have a very busy month with lots of activities lined up…


1. December 9th(Tuesday) from 5:45 to 6:45pm—— Cookie exchange and Christmas carol. Bring 2 dozens of your favorite cookie to share and eat.


2. December 16th(Tuesday)——Toy exchange. Please send your child to school with his/her one used toy, but in good condition with all parts. Every child will bring one toy to participate in this exchange, and thus understand the meaning of giving. Please bring the toys by December 15th(Monday).


We are going to have a Christmas tree in our room which has been donated by a parent….I would really like if you can sit with your child and make an ornament(not buy), and let the child bring the ornament to the class and hang it on the tree in the circle time.


I would like each parent to email me with your child’s Date of birth(month, day and year).


If your child has a Birthday this month, please let me know.


Last but sure not the least…Thank you to all the parents for helping us celebrate the Thanksgiving lunch, all the crafts and the cute pot holders made by children with Linsey Zocco. 

I am so proud of all my children for all their achievements and those tiny mischievous moments which makes them so perfect.


Thank you again,

Soma Mandal

IMG_5248         IMG_5245


                    " MAYBe CHRISTMAS,”

                      HE THOUGHT,

                     “ Doesn’t come From A


                      “MAYBe CHRISTMAS,


                        means A LITTLE BIT


                                  — Dr. Suess


Mrs. Soma’s November 2014 Newsletter

If your plan is for one year, plant rice

If your plan is for ten years, plant trees

 If your plan is for hundred years, educate children.

                                              ——Chinese proverb



Dear parents,


Thank you to all the parents for supporting and helping to make the Fall festival a great success and a fun filled morning. The children enjoyed all the games in the magical time of Halloween.


The month of November will be about the virtues of “Thankfulness, Humbleness and Kindness” to all living and non living things around us. We will be reading and talking about the first ever Thanksgiving celebration, turkey, the voyage which the pilgrims took, the native americans who lived in America, The mayflower and will also make the list with the children for our Thanksgiving feast. You can send books or material on this topic for show and tell.


 Last year we had cooked our “Thanksgiving feast” in the school with the children, so with the demand of the children we will prepare and cook our food in the class this year too. I am going to put a list on Monday November 10th, the raw material we would need to prepare the meal. Please sign up your child’s name next to the thing you want to bring. I would also need few volunteers to help me on the thanksgiving feast day November 25th, Tuesday.


Our school opens for everyone from 8:00am, we have our pledge approximately at 8:30 am. Our class will walk in immediately after the pledge and sit for circle time; the circle time sets the tone for the day, we talk about the topic of the month(for example: thanksgiving for this month), we celebrate birthdays, we show our show and tells and share our thoughts. If you are walking to the class and see the children in circle time or working….PLEASE do not walk in with your child, me or one of the assistants will help your child join the class. 


Some important dates for November


1.November 7th— movie night ( from 6:30pm or when the sun goes down)


2.November 11th – school closed for Veteran’s day


3.November 18th – Barro’s pizza chess night (from 5:30pm)


4. November 25th- thanksgiving feast


5. November 26th to November 28th—school closed


Please check your child’s cubby for extra clothes.


When you give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed

                               – Maya Angelou

Thank you,

Soma Mandal

IMG_4726    IMG_4733   IMG_4752  IMG_4753  IMG_4755

Mrs. Soma’s October Newsletter

    Fresh October brings the pheasant,

    Then to gather nuts is pleasant.



 Dear parents,

     October…the fun month is here.

    We are going to learn about fall, pumpkin, apples, bats, spiders, owls and use our artistic skills to make all things fall. We will celebrate this beautiful season with songs, rhyming words, the kindergartners will use their language skill in writing poems. We will make some fall snacks in our room. This is the season of fun…weather is getting cooler and we have opened our outside patio, Mr. Eric is helping the children in the patio.


Every day is a “Show and Tell” in our room…children can bring things from the nature, their favorite book(not and disney or TV character), a picture of a place they visited. This will be a good month to send books on the topic we are leaning or a fun art project to share.


This is also the month of Parent- teacher conference from October 13th to October 17th, I am going to put the sign up sheet for the conference this week on the white board outside our room. Please put your child’s name in the desired time and day of the week. Please make sure to honor your time as we have 30 parents. 


Please send a skull(plastic) with your child by October 17th(Friday).They are available in any halloween store and dollar stores.


We will celebrate Halloween(Fall festival) in the school on October 31st(Friday). Please send your child wearing the costume(no wand or swords or any sharp objects in their hand), make sure to bring a changing pair of normal outfit, as we will change their costumes after the halloween parade. The parents are invited to this whimsical land on October 31st to watch the fairies, superheroes, cars and smiles running every where. I will let you know about the time as we approach the day.


I have a humble request to all the parents….As we have 30 children in our room, so we do celebrate 30 birthday’s in our class with birthday snacks bought by the parents. Please let us try to make it healthy and yummy.


Parents are welcome to come and observe the class. 


Thank you again for all your support,

Soma Mandal


IMG_3804                    IMG_3669                     IMG_3697

Mrs. Soma’s September Newsletter

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment                                                  

 Dr. Maria Montessori



Dear parents,

     Thank you all for choosing Montessori way of learning for your child. Dr. Montessori was an Italian physician who formulated this method, had a particular genius for observing children as they really are rather than as adults wish them to be.

Dr. Montessori believed that no human being is educated by another person. She must do it herself or it will never be done. Dr. Montessori felt that the goal of early childhood education should not be to fill the child with facts from a preselected course of studies, but rather to cultivate her own natural desire to learn.


We have successfully completed the first month of school….you can slowly see the children making new friends and getting warm up to the daily routine of the class. It is really interesting to watch the social bonding and the Kindergartner’s taking a natural leadership role in the society of our class. 


Some IMPORTANT reminders


1. Every TUESDAY is a Fruity Tuesday, so every child need to bring a fruit(apple. orange etc) or bunch of fruits( grapes, strawberries) to the class. Please make sure that the child has the fruit in his/her hand not in the lunch box.


2. Please make sure your child is not wearing a flip flop, closed toe shoes are the best but sandals with a band behind their ankle is also okay.


3. Please do not send your child wearing rubber band bracelet or rings to the school. It has become a big distraction in their work and often they loose them in the play ground which then results in a big melt down.


We will celebrate our INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY on September 19th, Friday. The morning will be filled with beautiful peace songs and pledge, the kindergartener’s will have a special presentation of Peace in front of the whole school. The evening will be a fun time sharing food ….its POTLUCK in the evening, so mark your calendar. I will let you know about the details. Parents are welcome to come in the morning to participate in the Peace ceremony. 


Tempe Robbins is helping to make the class directory, she is the mother of Lila and Finn Robins in our class. You will get an email from her asking some information.

I will need 2 parents to help me in the reading group. Please let me know if you are interested. It will be once a week for the entire year.


Our class will be open for observation from September 15th, please let me know if you would like to watch our beautiful world.


Thank you,

Soma Mandal


IMG_3039 IMG_3041 IMG_3043 IMG_3045 IMG_3152 IMG_3155

Mrs. Soma’s August 2014 Newsletter

Dear Parent:

The basics for children's exploration have never changed. they have always been natural materials such as earth, water, wood, clay, stick and stones. 


We welcome the Montessori class of 2014-2015, and are excited to have our new set of students. The class has children with ages ranging from 3 – 5 years.  As we start the year, please join us in this journey of developing relationship with friends, environment and different cultures. The curriculum will cover math, language, sensorial, practical life, culture, geography, science, arts, peace and sign-language. Yoga, Spanish,P.E. and Music are also provided once a week. 


Before we start the class I wanted to draw your attention towards the following information and procedures:

  • The classes will start at 8:30 AM.  
  • Please bring your child/children in time for a good start of the day.  
  • If you come to the class after the class has started( children in circle time or working), please wait outside the class room and one of the assistant teacher will escort the child in the room.
  • Please check your child’s folder(it is outside the class room) every day. This will have the child’s work and other information. 
  • Please sign-in and sign-out everyday.
  • For the safety of young feet, please have your child in proper shoes. We do not allow flip-flops in our class.
  • Please send an extra set of clothes in a zip lock bag (or other bags) for the child, i.e. socks, shirt, underwear, pant.  The name of the child on the bag should be clear and legible.  
  • Please write the child’s name clearly on the lunch box and please keep the size of the lunch box small enough so that we can fit 30 such boxes in 1 (one) refrigerator.
  • Every Tuesday will be a Fruity Tuesday”.  On that day, please send fruit for 1 person with the child in a separate packet. This fruit will be the snack for Tuesday and will be shared among the children of the class.
  • Every Friday, the snack will be provided by the STAR OF THE WEEK.
  • All other days of the week (3 remaining days), the snack will be provided by a parent. 
  • STAR OF THE WEEK – At least once a year every child will be the STAR OF THE WEEK.  The child’s name will be drawn out of lot (not in alphabetical order or age) on the Friday preceding the week of being the STAR.  
  • The parent will be notified of this draw immediately.  
  • Please send 5-6 pictures of the family for the child to show the class.  
  • The pictures will be due on Monday and will be posted for the week on a board.
  • The special star of the week snack will be served on Friday to the entire class (30 kids). This snack will be provided by the parent of the STAR OF THE WEEK. 
  • OOPS! – Soiled clothes of the child will be placed in a bag inside a box, outside the classroom. Please collect the soiled clothes on the same day.  Please send another set of clothes the next day.
  • Please DO NOT DISCIPLINE any child other than yours in the school premises.  Please notify the teacher in case any child mis-behaves.


The class will be directed by me Ms.Soma Mandal (Montessori Teacher), Ms.Courtney (Assistant Teacher), Mr.Eric (Assistant Teacher).  

This is a TOTAL NUT FREE Class.  Please avoid sending nuts, nut ingredient (including nut oil) food & drink to the class. 

Thank You.

Soma Mandal

Mrs. Soma’s May News letter




Dear parents,

We have entered the last month of this academic year, which like every year has taught me more than the last year and rewarded me with unconditional love from the children. We have again worked together and have made small wonders and big miracles in our children's life.  I feel myself to be the lucky chosen one to spend my time with your child and make some cherished memeories. I have watched your children learn and grow and change from day to day. I hope all the things we have done have helped in some small way. Many of my children will leave our nest  to move on to 1st grade or kindergarten….to them i send out the door, with great expectations and love and always know you're in my heart forever. The ones who stays, we will make another fun memeorable year filled with joy and challenge and we will make sure that the challenge is fun……We will again tour some planet or take a trip to some African country and learn all about it.

May will be a busy month…

1. May 5th(Monday)—–Field Day at 10:00 am

2. May 12th(Monday)—-Mother's Day breakfast from 9:00 am. You will be served a yummy and healthy breakfast by your child.

3. May 20th(Tuesday)—-Acknowledgement to Kindergarteners for Graduating in the morning.

4. May 20th(Tuesday)——-Graduating Ceromony at 5:30 pm.

5. May 23rd(Friday)——End of the year party

6. May 27th, 28th and 29th —–fun days

7. May 29th—-Last day of school

Details of the activities will be posted later.

Thank you again for choosing Montessori and believing in me with your most precious possesion.

Have a happy and safe summer…STAY COOLcool!!

Keep your feet on the floor…

but let your love for learning soar.

Soma Mandal

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Best Montessori accredited staff and large, yet safe playground. The teacher truly care and the group of children is diverse- which we love!!!

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