Mrs. Angelica’s September Newsletter

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.



We have had a great first month and I saw old friendships strengthening and new ones forming. I can confidently say that most of the children are back with their routine and transitioned well. We also had some great show and tells the past month, thank you for taking time attaching a note with your sharing, this is an excellent way to build self confidence in the child.

We’ll begin the month of September, talking “How to take care of our body”. In this topic we are going to include healthy eating habits, how to take care of our person. Since we’re going to be learning healthy habits please make sure to pack a healthy lunch!


Please send a hair brush in a Zip lock bag with your child name.


If you have any books or pictures relating to the topic, please feel free to send them along with your child.


Important dates to remember that we have off:

Sep. 7th – Labor day

Sep. 14th – Fall Recess


1) Please try to drop off your child before 8:30 in order to help them bond with their friends. This is especially a useful tip for all the new students. Always remember to keep the goodbyes short and quick. This will help the children to transition quickly.

2) Always make sure to keep extra set of clothes in your child’s cubby.

3) If you send a water bottle with your child, please remember to take it home along with the lunch bag.

4) It is very important to sign in and sign out.

5) Please check your child’s folder regularly for monthly snack calendar and other important papers.

  1. Morning pick up time is 12:30



Angelica Lopez


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5 star! My wife and couldn’t be happier with Cave Creek Montessori. Our little girl absolutely loves Mrs. Uma!

— Joseph Poliseo

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