Mrs. Kathy’s Class

We are going to have lots of fun this summer!!! This summer I will be
teaching and Ms. Chelsea will be assisting. Look for Ms. Lakshmi to be
teaching most Thursdays. Ms.Chelsea will be heading up a fun day on
Fridays. Friday will be pizza/ water play/art and cooking. Sure to be a big
This summer I will be continuing to work with your child’s individual needs.
I have weekly special units planned as well. Please note units for the
month of June: 3-7th art, 10-14th desert life,17-21st human body and 24-
28th US history. We also will be scheduling special visitors pertaining to
the units. Please let me know if you have any suggestion or may be able
to help.
Mondays we will have show n tell. Please send in an item pertaining to the
weeks unit. If you need help with this let me know. This is optional:
Fruity Friday, please send in one fruit. Ms. Chelsea will be cooking
chopping and mixing with fruity treats.
On water play Fridays, please send your child dressed ready for water
play. Remember to apply sun block before school. Send in a change of
clothes and towel clearly marked with their name. This is a good day for
sandals as socks are easy to be lost or misplaced.
Children who stay for afternoon will have Ms. Lauren. I am excited to be
working with her and will be in constant communication about your child’s
needs with her!
Please feel free to text, call or email me cell 602-418-0145 email Thank you for trusting me with your child!
Kathy Catalo