Mrs. Soma’s March 2015 Newsletter







Dear parents,


I can’t believe that we are approaching the end of this academic year….looking back it seems all the children have grown together so harmoniously and have taken care of each other as they have made friends. Some of my children will graduate from kindergarten and move to 1st grade, coming to know them has been such an awesome journey for me. LOVE MONTESSORI!!


We have started our new unit…The United States of America. The children are enjoying learning some interesting facts about our country: the names of rivers, lakes, mountains, and the nicknames of each state. Interesting facts, books, and items about the US are welcome for show and tell.


As the warmer weather is approaching, please send sun screen with your child to school.


Important Reminders…..


1. Parent- teacher conference from March 9th(Monday) to March 20th(Friday). please be in time.


2. Spring break—March 23rd to March 27th( school closed)


3. Pick up time for is 12:30 and 3:30 according to your scheduled time. Please make sure to be present in time to pick up your child.


4. Make sure to sign in and sign out your child every day.


5. Please make sure your child is not climbing the gates while coming in and out of the school. 


Thank you for all the warm wishes for my B’day….it  was absolutely wonderful with hugs and hand made cards and drawings which only a teacher can understand. Turning 42 and surrounded by beautiful happy faces and getting hugs every minute…life is good!!


Soma Mandal


What Parents Say

Michelle loves CCM! The staff at CCM makes it all the more wonderful. We are so lucky to have them and look forward to the years ahead.

— Katherine Stevens

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