Mrs. Soma’s October Newsletter

    Fresh October brings the pheasant,

    Then to gather nuts is pleasant.



 Dear parents,

     October…the fun month is here.

    We are going to learn about fall, pumpkin, apples, bats, spiders, owls and use our artistic skills to make all things fall. We will celebrate this beautiful season with songs, rhyming words, the kindergartners will use their language skill in writing poems. We will make some fall snacks in our room. This is the season of fun…weather is getting cooler and we have opened our outside patio, Mr. Eric is helping the children in the patio.


Every day is a “Show and Tell” in our room…children can bring things from the nature, their favorite book(not and disney or TV character), a picture of a place they visited. This will be a good month to send books on the topic we are leaning or a fun art project to share.


This is also the month of Parent- teacher conference from October 13th to October 17th, I am going to put the sign up sheet for the conference this week on the white board outside our room. Please put your child’s name in the desired time and day of the week. Please make sure to honor your time as we have 30 parents. 


Please send a skull(plastic) with your child by October 17th(Friday).They are available in any halloween store and dollar stores.


We will celebrate Halloween(Fall festival) in the school on October 31st(Friday). Please send your child wearing the costume(no wand or swords or any sharp objects in their hand), make sure to bring a changing pair of normal outfit, as we will change their costumes after the halloween parade. The parents are invited to this whimsical land on October 31st to watch the fairies, superheroes, cars and smiles running every where. I will let you know about the time as we approach the day.


I have a humble request to all the parents….As we have 30 children in our room, so we do celebrate 30 birthday’s in our class with birthday snacks bought by the parents. Please let us try to make it healthy and yummy.


Parents are welcome to come and observe the class. 


Thank you again for all your support,

Soma Mandal


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Fantastic school ! If you want to get your kids way ahead , this is where you need to go!

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