Two of my children have gone to CCMS and have had a wonderful experience. Great teachers and great open-minded leaders in Roy and Kathy. The extra classes like Music, Sports (in school and after school), Chess, Dance and Yoga just help to broaden and inspire young minds while always emphasizing fun.

Debashis Bagchi

Cave Creek Montessori is by far the very best educational foundation that you can give your child. My daughter Becca started there at the tender age of 3 through kindergarten. She would still be attending Cave Creek Montessori if it went through high school! When Becca entered the public school system in the first grade, her art teacher held up a poster of a famous piece of art and asked if anyone in the class recognized it. Becca was the only one to raise her hand and tell the teacher that it was “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. I will never forget her teacher stopping me in the hallway to tell me that never in all her years of teaching had a child answered that question. This is a perfect example of the kind of well-rounded education that your child will experience when attending Cave Creek Montessori. Not only do children learn invaluable educational lessons, but also they are enveloped in an environment of educators that nurture their pupils with respect, dignity and kindness. I wouldn’t think about sending my child to any other school.

Robin Goldansky

We have only rave reviews for Cave Creek Montessori. Our son Quaid was enrolled for pre-K and kindergarten – he absolutely thrived in the Montessori environment! The academics were beyond compare. As a 6th and 7th grade mathematics and pre-algebra teacher I was absolutely amazed when my son came home discussing (and understanding) the concepts of not only multiplication and division, but also fractions!!! Learning about the solar system, world geography, the election process, the Civil Rights movement, ocean life and recycling he had more than a thing or two to teach us at the dinner table!!! From the perspective of my husband, a middle school and high school Physical Education teacher, he was impressed by the amount of time devoted to physical activities, including yoga.

Courtney and Terry Mullane,
Teachers at Foothills Preparatory Academy