The Difference Between Montessori Schools and Traditional Schools

When parents first come to tour Cave Creek Montessori the first question we get is “ what is the difference between Montessori schools and traditional schools?” There is a big difference. Montessori school is student-led, meaning that students are given the freedom to choose the works they want to do.

Montessori schools are about discovery, evoking curiosity and challenging students expectations.

Here are three of the main reasons Montessori schools are different from traditional schools:

Goals: In a class of children ages three to six years old, students are encouraged to think outside the box and discover their potential. They are able to learn at their own pace and are not corrected if they are learning at a pace that is not considered “normal” to their age. For this reason, students often learn more and develop faster because they are not being held back.

Discipline: Discipline is not a focus in Montessori schools. Students are allowed to explore and extend boundaries. There are rules in Montessori school but, these rules don’t define a student.

Role of teacher and parent: Parents and teachers play a big role in the Montessori method. They are there to encourage students and push them into exploring their curiosity and personality without boundaries. Telling them they “can’t” or disciplining in harmful manners is not allowed in a Montessori education.

Traditional schools want to fill students’ heads with facts and knowledge so that they are able to move on with their age group.

Here are three of the main reasons traditional schools are different from Montessori schools:

Goals. The main goal and focus of traditional schools is to teach students in the same age group the same information so that they will be able to move on with their class. The class is teacher driven and any educational deficiencies that a child may have are to be corrected.

Discipline. In traditional schools discipline is often used to reform students. There are boundaries and rules that students are given in traditional schools and if they are not followed, discipline will occur. Often times, parents feel that traditional schools don’t allow students to expose their personalities.

Role of teacher and student. Parents don’t play as much of a role in their child’s education. Parents will sometimes outsource their help to traditional schools but, this differs between families. Teachers play the biggest role in a traditional education. All education and learning is led by a teacher and they are given all authority over students.

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