Our Story

Our mission is to inspire children to appreciate and practice the art of learning as a positive and ongoing experience that will impact their intellectual as well as their social and emotional development for a lifetime. Your duty is to always protect the child’s inner spirit and offer positive learning experiences. We refrain from utilizing our adult will to motivate and instead find ways to impact from within the child.

For over two decades our family has shared in the joy and experience of operating and teaching in Montessori schools. In 1993 Roy and Kathy founded Paradise Valley Montessori school, offering educational services for toddlers through 3rd grade. They founded Cave Creek Montessori in August 1998 and our family lived in this house. We started the school with one classroom and 9 students and in the years following have expanded our campus to 5 classrooms serving students from toddler through kindergarten. Our summer program also includes 1st – 3rd grades.

What makes Cave Creek Montessori unique?

One of the most unique parts of CCM is that it is a family run and operated business. Roy and Kathy live just around the corner and check in often, Kelsey- their daughter is now the director of CCM and is there every morning. Kelsey’s first educational experience began in Montessori. She is an AMI-certified teacher for children ages 3-6 years. She earned a BA in communications from ASU and a Masters in Education from Loyola University. Ana, who is Roy and Kathy’s other daughter, also received her degree in education and taught their elementary program in the summer for many years before moving to Boston. Needless to say, our family has a genuine love for children and has dedicated our lives to continuing in the tradition of our family in serving for the education and the overall good of children.

Our family has always operated our schools with a dedication to providing a warm and supportive campus where staff and families feel comfortable joining together in mutual respect for the overall good of the child. Our goal is staffing the school with professional individuals who appreciate the privilege of working with children and serving an active role in revealing to them the wonderful world of discovery and the marvelous phenomenon we call “learning.”

If you think our school might be right for your family, come take a tour!

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