Toddler Program

Like preschool and kindergarten, the toddler program is academic-based, and is designed to enhance language development, concentration, coordination, responsibility, kindness, and self-respect. Children are introduced to the wonder and diversity of people, animals, plants, colors, etc., so they may be accepting and interested in the world around them.

Our expert teachers carefully observe each of the children, and customize their learning experiences according to each child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

Potty Training

We reinforce whatever level of potty training is occurring at home. Parents are free to send their toddlers to school in diapers, pull-up pants, underwear (accidents are no problem), or a combination. One advantage of multi-age grouping is that younger child observe the older, already potty trained children, and often emulate them.

Toddler Program Highlights:

  • Language – stories read aloud, pre-reading and pre-writing exercises.
  • Math – counting activities, concept of time.
  • Science – plant and animal care (we have goats, horses and a bird at school), nature walks, science experiments, nature walks.
  • Spanish – speaking and song.
  • Visual Arts – drawing, painting, collage-making, sculpture.
  • Music – singing and listening skills.
  • Yoga – promoting health, positive body image, energy, concentration.
  • Life Skills – courtesy and respect, independence, community service, care for environmental.

The typical schedule in a half-day toddler class might look something like this:

  • Arrival, greeting, storing coat and bag.
  • Outdoor time on playground.
  • Choosing work, a work period of 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Preparation and serving of a snack.
  • Optional group singing, finger plays, and movement to music.
  • Outdoor time: exploring nature, sand and water.
  • Dismissal.