The CCM Difference

Cave Creek Montessori is more than a school

We are a family of Parents, Teachers, Administrators, and Children all enjoying this time of the young child. A time of self-development through the experiences of caring, belonging, and respect of all people.

Academics as a Focus

CCM Track Record

Cave Creek Montessori is proud to offer a program where students are invited to work at their own pace and develop a love and foundation for learning early in their life. With Montessori being an academic program students are encouraged to learn to read, write, do basic math and develop strong social connections with their classmates and environment. Many of our students have kept up with us and let us know how they are doing with their academics later in life. We feel proud that they feel our school was the first step in this journey and are happy to share some of their accomplishments. 

Some academic accomplishments from previous CCM students

  • Masters in many different fields including education, physical therapy and medicine 
  • Scholarships from local high schools and universities 
  • Some of the universities CCM Students have attended: Princeton, Loyola, UCSD, ASU, U of A, NAU, United States Air Force Academy, U.S. Marines & many more! 
  • Some of the degrees they have graduated with are: accounting, biochemistry, doctorate, engineering, marketing & business, education, physical therapy 

Safety and security at CCM 

Cave Creek Montessori is very pleased to announce that we now have security gates with codes and our two gates to enter and exit the building are always locked. We also have security cameras throughout our campus and in our classrooms. Safety at CCM has always been very important to us, but we are proud to provide this extra security for families. 

Cultural celebrations and traditions

The families of CCM love that we celebrate and teach about all different types of cultures and traditions around the world. We offer students a close up look at what these traditions look like and have events sometimes centered around these celebrations. Some of the events celebrated at CCM include: the chinese new year, Holi Day, Holiday cookie exchange, Dias De Los Muertos, mother’s day & father’s night, peace day- plus so many more!

Care of environment & Self

CCM often contributes to our community and various charity organizations throughout our community to instill and teach our students about helping those in need. Some of the organizations we have worked with in the past include: AZ Food Bank, Saint Vincent De Paul, Youth Assistance Foundation Toy Drive, Maggie’s Place, Toys for Tots, & Many more! 

Animals at CCM

The animals at Cave Creek Montessori are very loved by everyone in our community! We have a miniature horse named Blue and two goats named Q-ball and Acorn. They were all rescued in Arizona and are now taken care of by the staff at CCM. We invite you to come see our animals anytime! Please do not go into their pen or give them treats – they are on a very special diet! 

Extracurricular activities 

All students at CCM are offered P.E., Music, Yoga and Spanish as part of their morning schedules. We also provide aftercare activities through I9 Sports and Music and Drama classes with Ms. Autumn’s Treble Makers.