From the Desk of Roy & Kathy- May Newsletter

April sure was a busy month.  The children had many fun events to participate in and we would like to thank all who contributed to making our art show, yoga with parents, Mr. Roy’s movie night and Easter parties such a great success.  We certainly could not have done it without you!

      As we start into May we prepare for another exciting month ahead.  Mr. Jason has been working hard teaching music at Cave Creek Montessori for eight years.  We are always excited to have the children show off at the spring music show.  The date this year for the spring show is May 2.  Please check your class newsletter for time.

      May 5 Mr. Dave will be holding field day at Cave Creek Montessori.   Mr. Dave is a wonderful new addition to Cave Creek Montessori.  The children have been working on so many concepts such as leadership, team sportsmanship, listening and following directions, among others.  Team Impact is a wonderful program that helps build our student’s motor skills as well as team-working skills.

      May 12 we will be hosting a Mother’s day breakfast.  Please stop by and enjoy a breakfast with your child and their friends as we celebrate the women that have dedicated their lives to helping us grow.

      We could not be more proud of our wonderful Kindergarteners this year! Please join us May 22nd and 23rd for our Graduation acknowledgement, ceremony, and party, as we celebrate and cheer on our students as they move into their 1st grade year.

      Finally, we are especially excited for our Summer Program this year! As always we will have our primary classrooms, toddler program, as well as Elementary. As apart of the Summer Program we have plenty of fun activities and units that we will be covering such as; Spanish, Math, Science, Culture & Geography, English, Cooking, Water Play, Sonoran Life, Shakespeare & Drama, and Body Healthy & Nutrition. In addition, our Elementary students will be learning Music & Keyboard, Computers, and Chess! If interested in our Summer Program please register in the office, spots are filling up fast!

Get ready because it’s going to be a fun and busy month as we finish up another amazing school year!