Why You Should Send Your Kid to Montessori Summer School

Bounce houses, water play fridays, pet exhibits and more! Children love summer because it’s the time of year they can play and catch up with friends. Summer school may not seem appealing to your kids since it’s always associated with only academics, over exhausted teachers and, well, no fun. We are here to change your opinion.

Here are 5 reasons why you should send your kid to summer school this year:

  1. It’s fun! In the Montessori summer program students are always having fun, smiling, and love going to school. Cave Creek Montessori has tailored their summer program to incorporate fun, engaging, days. Firefighters will come to the school and teach students about fire safety, wildlife exhibits stop by and teach students about desert animals, there are water play fridays, and bounce houses. It’s a really great experience for the students.
  2. A boost of academic confidence. Academically speaking, sending children to Montessori summer programs is a very good idea. Reports suggest that students who go to summer school will boost their confidence and their GPA. Students who need a little push or some extra help do really well in summer programs because it’s a way for them to get back on track. Teachers normally have smaller classes, which means more time for each of the students. It can be a great way to get ahead during the normal school year months.
  3. Social interactions are higher. In the summer months many students will go on vacation or spend time with families and the class sizes drop down. This means students will have much more time to spend socializing with other students and planning play dates. Social interactions between students are normally a lot higher in summer and these relationships can blossom and move forward into the regular school year.
  4. Structure. Sometimes there can be more structure in summer school because teachers have more time to plan out their days. Students will get more one on one time and their days will become more structured with planned activities all day.

A different environment than their used to. Another great benefit to sending children to summer school is the fact that they will be in a different environment than they’re used to. Things change in summer, there are special summer activities, teachers put out new works, and new students come into the program. Students often work more and have better results if they switch their work environments.